Monday, 31 August 2009

Finding A Farmer

Well, as my glyphs have now started selling and I have lowered my threshold to a little above 2g, resulting in me now having about 440 glyphs on the AH. Although most of them are bellow 3 gold, I have decided to find a farmer.
I spent a while trying to find one without any sucess, but when I tried again later in the evening I found one, and a good deal too.

This farmer is now gonna supply me with 10 stacks of adder's tongue per day for 15 gold per stack. He got more and I can increase how many I will get per day at any time if I find 10 isn't enough.

I also bought a lot of herbs during the day (and used some old ones lying in my mailbox) and made them into inks. In total I now got 517 ink of the sea and 85 snowfall inks after spending about 5-600 gold on herbs..

I also feel I should make a small note about yesterday's post. After milling a lot of herbs I notice that there is a slight delay between each mill so I will instead count milling at 3 seconds. While this may not seem like a lot it can drastically change the end result, therefor I changed the whole post to fit in with this change.

I also added an edit saying that the prices where wrong as well and I then re-directed you to this post. Well, you see, in my calculations the price per ink of the sea was 0.33 gold (or 33 silver) as I sold my snowfall ink for 2 gold bellow the herb price per stack. But as I make more snowfall ink I can no longer sell it all so I am now trading it for 5 ink of the sea in trade (a good deal for the other guy as he gets twice as many inks as he would have gotten at Jessica Sellers.

The problem is of course that 5 ink of the sea is not enough to cover the herb cost as good as an snowfall ink can. So if I get 6 ink of the sea and one snowfall from each stack of herbs I can turn it into 11 ink of the sea. 15/11=1.36, so I now pay 1.36 gold per ink of the sea. That increases my glyph costs by a lot.

I also did the mistake to add the parchment prices when I calculated the average glyph price so I did do some stupid mistakes. So here is the (hopefully) correct version:
I get my inks for 1.36g each, that means that the cost for two inks is 2.72g, which then puts the average price for the inks (still assuming one third are two ink glyphs) at (2.72-1.36)/3 = 0.45
1.36 + 0.45 = 1.81. If we then add the parchment cost of 50 silver we get a total average price of the glyphs at 2g31s.

Well, I think I should push my threshold up a little bit.

I have now also installed statcounter on the blog, with pretty surprising results. So far I have thought I maybe had 3 or 4, maybe even 5 readers but it seems like it's a lot more. From the begining I had planned to post the results here but as the counter goes up far too fast for me to give any accurate results so I will just display the counter at the bottom of this page.

Just remember it only displays unique visitors and decides that by using a cookie, so as some people propably have cookies disabled the results wont be completly accurate. Also note that once a person has visited the page he wont be counted if he visits it again within 24 hours.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

No new post

Well, I have said it before but decided to post a reminder. There will be no Sunday post. I also suggest that you don't trust yesterday's post blindly, I noticed I had done some mistakes and I will point them out tomorrow.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Math Class: The Profitability of Glyphs

Edit: By re-reading the post today I see it is not quite as horrible as I thought yesterday when I wrote it. So don't worry about my comments on how hard this is to understand, I was pretty tired when I wrote that.

If you have read my first "Math Class" post you can see I came to the conclusion my inks cost about 0.33g/each. That means that my glyphs cost between 0.83g (0.33g for the ink and 0.5g for the parchment) and 1g16s for those who uses two inks (0.66 + 0.5).

So why am I bringing this up? Well, I guess most of you know about the goblin saying "Time is money" and what opportunity cost is. For you who don't I will give a short explanation:

Ok, I will give you an simple example. Lets say a player got mining and blacksmithing and wants to make some eternal belt buckles, he then goes to wintergrasp to mine some saronite and farm some eternals. He has now farmed 8 saronite ores, 1 eternal water, 1 etarnal earth and 1 eternal shadow.

On the AH these sells for 6, 8, 7 and 4 gold respectively. That means the total value of all these items is 6 + 8 + 7 + 4 = 25 gold. He looks at the price for the belt buckle at the AH and sees that it's selling for 23 gold.

Without thinking this person posts his buckle on the AH for 20g to get it sold fast. If you compare this to selling the mats you see he looses out on 5 gold by doing this (not to mention that farming the mats yourself is incredibly unefficent).

So the above is an example of opportunity cost, while he did make some money he could have made more from selling the mats. So in short, opportunity cost is (when it comes to money) to choose between two or more things that both are profitable to choose the most profitable one.

But as you propably didn't understand a word of that, here's a wikipedia page.

Here you who already know about opportunity cost can start reading

But what my point with this post is to see how much I will have to sell my glyphs for to get an good gold/hour ratio. Let me explain in a little more detail:

As I mentioned in my previous Math Class post it takes 4 seconds to make an ink, I decided to add 2 to make up for human error but I don't think it's necessary right now.

So lets see how long it takes to make one glyph. 3-6 seconds per mill (some glyphs require 2 inks = 4 pigments, I also added an one second delay on each mill) which means 2-4 seconds milling per ink (3 pigments per mill but only 2 per ink), 2-4 seconds to make the ink (once again, some require 2 inks) and 3 seconds to make the glyph itself.

For a 1 ink glyph that is 2 + 2 + 3 = 7 and for a two ink glyph 4 + 4 + 3 = 11.
I'd say about a third of all glyphs require 2 inks (propably wrong but shouldn't be too far of) so that means that we'll have to add the time diference between a two ink glyph and a one ink glyph divided by three on the time of a one ink glyph.

11 - 7 = 4 which divided by 3 is 1.33. That means the average time per glyph is 7 + 1.33 = 8.33seconds.

So, as I said in the beginning my one ink glyphs cost 0.83 gold to make and the two ink ones 1.16 gold. Now lets do the same calculations as we did with the time spent. The price diference is 0.33 gold, one third of the glyphs are two ink ones, thus we add 1/3 of 0.33 gold on the one ink glyph price. This puts the average price at 0.94 gold (0.83 + 0.11).
Edit: The above prices are calculated using the cost if I sold all snowfall inks, see the next post to see why this no longer is true.

So what does this tell us? That the time cost per glyph is 8.33 seconds and the gold cost is 0.94 gold (or 94 silver). Since each hour got 3600 seconds I can then make about 432 glyphs/hour (3600/8.33).

This means, that every gold above 94 silver I sell my glyphs for I make about 300 gold per hour (canceling and reposting does take a lot of time). So that means, I can put my threshold as low as 1g94s and still be pretty sure to make at least 300 gold/hour, but of course it will be a lot higher as most glyphs will sell for more.

I find these high numbers very impressive and have a hard time beliving I did all calculations right (but I do hope so), but I am currently way to tired to check it all up but just make a comment if you notice any mistakes.

If nobody notices any huge mistakes I may even lower my threshold down to 2 gold as I will still make a good gold per hour while going lower than most other people.

Friday, 28 August 2009

No new post

I have been walking around with a headache all day and think I'm getting a cold so I have no new post for you today.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Smacky's Back in Business!

Yes that's right, the glyph prices are starting to rise, at least partially. If you check the picture you see I posted 94 auctions. This is with my old 12g threshold so if I lower it I should be able to get even more glyphs up on the AH.

In addition to this I also got an alt with a pretty big stock of glyphs I have not told you about as I was planning to use it to get more effect if I had to price dump to drive my competition out. Something that seems to not be needed now. I will still not give you the name of this alt as I prefer not to give out all my secrets at once.

So far the sales have been slow, I have only gotten one glyph sold. Luckilly it was at my fallback price so I got 90g for it.

I also did a major screwup today. I was working on getting hit capped as my guild is working on getting ready for raiding so I figured I should buy a Ebonweave Robe. I checked some prices and saw I could save a few hundred gold by getting the mats and find a tailor. Unfortunantly I missed the fact that I needed 8 ebonweave cloths instead of 4 as I belived.

So I bought the mats and found a tailor and asked him to link his tailoring. It was about now I noticed my mistake and realised it was cheaper to buy a robe from the AH for 700g than buying 4 more ebonweaves. So I have now put up my frostweave bolts (which sold within minutes) and ebonweave which I hope will sell eventually. These mistakes combined with the buying of a robe has put me back about 1.4k gold down to 7000.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Shopping Spree

Yes, I decided it was time to start focus on leveling enchanting as it has proved to be a good source of income even at lower levels. So I went on a shopping spree spending nearly 500 gold on mats (some of you wont consider this much but I do) in the form of saronite ore (10g per stack), eternal earth (6g) and greater cosmic essences for just 10g per essence, an opportunity I couldn't miss out on and some eternal air.

So at the moment Ferni is sitting on about 2700g and in total I got 7900g (was 8500 before I started to buy mats so I spent more like 600g). I have also sold out on Scroll of Enchant 2H Weapon - Greater Savagery (that enchant could make me rich all by itself) so I made a few more to put up. Nothing beats the fealing of earning 50g for 5 minutes work.

Nothing more to say today really.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Meat Trading

You often see lowbies begging for gold in cities, desperatly trying to find someone who is willing to give them some gold, or even just a few silver.

As you know I am currently testing how much I can make from simply buying and selling at level 1. Today I decided to try an alternative method for low level gold making, begging.

So I started running around in the SW trade district begging for a gold. I ran around for about 15 minutes trying to get my fellow players give me some of their hard-earned gold. The result? None!

Not a single reply, the only thing I got was a "shoo" emote from another banker when I jumped up to the auctioneers and started typing in caps.

So after15 minutes of work I hadn't made a single copper. Doesn't sound like a very good moneymaking method to me, but it appears that some people get it to work. Why would they else spend their time on it? Or they are just stupid.

Now when we're done with begging, lets see how Gered is doing. My wolf meat investments went great and it had sold out when I logged on today. This put me a nice bit over the 2g mark. I decided to use my newly earned gold on some clam meat. I bought 35 succulent clam for about 4 silver each.

I then put them up in stacks of 5 for 1g 70s which is about 70% of the average auction house value. I am now only waiting for some buyer to show up and buy them. So not including my clam meat I now got 1g 72s 87c. This is after just a few days at level 1 without any help from other characters.

There's nothing special going on with my other characters, glyphs are still low, I am trying to raise my enchanting when I am not to tired and the stuff I made while leveling enchanting/JC is selling and gives me a pretty steady, but at the time small income.

All in all I'm sitting at 8244g.

Monday, 24 August 2009

School has started

This affects a lot for me, both in-game and in real life. In the game it will obviously change the market, and in real life it means I will have less time and be a lot more tired (at least until I get used to get up early in the morning again). Due to this you will have to excuse any crappy posts I may do the next few weeks.

Also I will not always have time to make new posts but those days should be predictable and I will see if I will have to change my posting frequency from every day to every second day or something like that. I should be able to give you more information about this sometime around the middle of this week.

Learning Auctioneer: Introduction

I'm pretty sure you have all heard about the addon Auctioneer, the addon which is considered a must have by most AH players. I have now decided to make a few posts about it. Today it will just be a short introduction (the reason to why this and all posts the last days have been so short is in the other post today) to what auctioneer is but I will get more in-depth later on.

Basically auctioneer lets you scan the AH and it will then give you the average price for an item by hovering over it with your mouse. It will also allow you to see the percentage of the average price of an item when browsing the AH, you are also able to watch the prices on the AH as price per item.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

No new post today

Yes, I'm sorry but I am just to tired right now to write anything. Because of this I will give you a post tomorrow instead. I will propably continue doing it like this and skip all Sunday posts and put them on Monday instead.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

My Ten Copper: First 50 silver

After 3 days of working on my new alt, Gered, I have just hit the 50 silver mark. During these days I have only used the vendor search function of Auctioneer to find stuff to sell. As you can see it's very useful even on lower levels.

Now when I have started to get some more money I belive it will be a lot easier to get into a few small investments. I can't describe how hard it is to buy and resale or even just buy to vendor when you only got 10 copper.

Not a very long post today, but I promise you'll get more tomorrow.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Time to leave the glyphs

At least temporarily due to the incredibly low prices. Out of 90 kinds of glyphs I got 2 posted today, I do have a high treshold at the moment (12g) to avoid dumping my glyphs too cheap. It has now gone so far that I have decided that the time spent just posting is not worth the money I make from it. Therefor I will quit inscription, for a while. Of course I will still have the profession, but I will leave the glyph market completly until it starts to look better and focus on enchanting and JC to make gold and hopefully return in a week or two.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

My Ten Copper

The normal business is going well (except for the glyphs) so I see no need to give any detailed info on how it's going. Instead I will tell you about a new alt I started today, say hello to Gered!

His use? To make gold by only buying and selling. And as the title of this post implies, he started out with only 10 copper that I made by selling the starting food!

Within a few minutes I had made that 10 copper into 1s 23c just by buying Red-speckled Mushrooms with the vendor search. I then decided to invest it in some boar meat (one silver for a stack of 13 :O) a piece of coarse thread from a vendor to see if it sells, and a few more bids on the vendor search. I ended up with only 5 copper left, but I should be able to see some money come in tomorrow.

Back to leveling...

I have said in a previous post that I do not like leveling, and I prefer the end-game. However, sometimes we're forced doing things we don't like, like leveling an alt.

I did it a while ago on Ferni to get her enchanting and JC up, unfortunantly it appears level 65 isn't enough. Sure, it allows me to skill them up to 450 but that's not enough in the case of JC.

As any jewelcrafter I will have to do the dailies to get the good cuts, the problem is that these quests takes you out in Northrend to kill mobs that are at least level 70. I don't know if you've tried to kill a mob 5 levels higher than you but it's hard, even as a death knight.
First you have the fact that they have more health than you, additionally they have crushing blows and you'll miss, a lot.

That's why I have decided to level Ferni to at least 68 to be able to kill a mob in less than 5 minutes. The first thing I did was to buy a flying mount, setting me back about 600g. I am not logged on right now so I am not completly sure but I belive I currently have 6500g after the mount purchase meaning I made quite some money today, mainly through gems and enchants, glyphs are still not selling well (see the picture, click to magnify it).

The titanium prices are finally dropping and I had the chance to buy a few stacks for 250g today, but I didn't think it was worth it. On AH they were on for 300g so within a few days the prices should be down. I have still not decided on what to do about the glyph situation, I can either wait it out or do something about it, today I made a list of all glyphs even remotely worth selling in skillet in case I would decide to do some price dumping of my own.

I put about 5 to 10 in it, but the issue is, of course, inks. It appears as that there's some kind of bug in skillet making me unable to see the amount of inks I need (it showed x pigments and y inks in the shopping list, in some cases the inks were exactly half as many as the pigments and in others they weren't), but it appears as that this would require between 600 and 1300 inks of the sea. 1300 would cost me about 3000g if I made them myself but if I sold all snowfall ink I would get it for only 400g (if every snowfall ink sold for 13g).

I would propably be able to sell them eventually but I am not willing to risk half my pile of gold at something like this. I might do once I get an answer from a guy I mailed today asking if he would want to have a steady supply of snowfall inks (he bought all 8 I had on AH). He is propably just doing as a one time thing to get himself a nobles deck but it's worth a try.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Math Class

Once upon a time... No, that's not how I'm going to start this post. Instead we'll take a look at the glyph market. The first thing I noticed when I logged on and posted my glyphs was the lack of other posters. It appears as that the price dumper(s) plan have worked, I only saw 2-3 posters at each glyph and no competition at all on some. Unfortunantly I only got 225g from glyph sales during the weekend, but I suspect the prices will rise soon.

I also made about 450g from enchanting/JC, it has started to become a gold mine.

On top of that I decided to do some calculations on the how effective making your own inks is compared to buying it of the AH. The price for one ink on the AH is 2.5g. It takes about 6 seconds to make an ink (2 for milling and 2 for making the ink, I added 2 seconds to make up for lag and human error). One hour is 3600 seconds thus I can make 600 inks/hour. The price for one ink if I make it from a stack of adder's tongue bought for 15g is 0.33g (15-13 = 2, 2/6 = 0.33) if the snowfall ink sells for 13g, the higher it sells for the cheaper my inks are. The money saved by making my own inks is 2.5 - 0.33 = 2.17. So if 6 seconds of my time are worth 2.17g or more I should buy the inks of the AH, otherwise I should make them. In one hour I make 600 inks so 2.17g * 600 = 1302g. That means that when I hit the point I make 1302g per hour I should start buying them of the AH. However, as I did my calculations with 6 seconds instead of 4 this is not correct.

If each ink took 4 seconds to make that would mean I made 900 inks/hour putting the gold/hour cap at 1953gold/hour. But as this is the case in a perfect world and not likely to happen we can say that the cap is propably between 1500 and 1900g per hour.

Now, if you are still awake, I will tell you that the titanium prices are still high, about 18g per ore, but they are showing some signs of decreasing in price and they will propably be down to reasonable prices sometime during next week.

To finish the post I'm just going to write how much money I got at the moment. Smacky got about 3400 and Belsebub got 900 putting them at 4300g while Ferni got 1900g. In total I got 6300g (I know it doesn't add up, I got a few old alts with a few g on my server and the addon I use to see how much gold I have adds them all together), and I am once again starting to make profit from my AH work.

That's all for today

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Gold! Precious Gold!

It's propably because it's weekend but I've had a good night, or at least better then the previous have been. I made about 240g from glyph sales, not great but better than nothing, and about 340g from my new-found gold mine, Enchant 2H weapon - Greater Savagery. The mats cost about 50g when bought from the AH and they sell for 90. I made 3 of them while leveling and all had sold when I logged on today so I plan to make some more and see if they sell as well.

Today I also posted two titanium powder for 35g each, and they sold! I have no idea why anyone would pay that much as it means you pay 350g per token and over 1000g for a blue gem cut. Unfortunantly not even this makes titanium worth prospecting as it is still ranging between 3-400g/stack despise it being weekend.

I also bought my second JC cut with 3 of my 4 JC tokens, some kind of yellow gem.

Additionally I have started working on a plan to drive my competition out of the glyph market, I wont give you any details yet due to the small chance someone one my server hears about it. However, I can tell you that it will involve a whole lot of undercutting and lots of glyphs.

Pretty short post today as I spent most of the evening with some friends but I hope you'll manage. Just a reminder, there will be no Monday post.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Organization is the key!

One of the most important parts of sucess is organization. It doesn't matter if you play football, work in the army or sit at your computer trying to make gold from the AH, you will always need organization. I must admit I've been lacking it during the weeks I have been writing this, something I plan to change.

The most important change I will make is to separate my alt's economy making it easier to see where I loose money and what I need to work more or less on. I will also try the new Excel addon to see if it will be able to give me a good overlook of my glyph sales.

So here you go, a complete list of all my (active) alts with their current uses and gold and with some luck none of the other scribes of my server will use this open window into my mind to counter my actions.

First we have Belsebub! No applauds? Oh well, he's my main, 450 inscription, 450 engineering used mainly for having fun or get stuff that are to hard for my other chars to obtain. Sitting at 650g at the moment.

Smacky (I know, crappy name) the glyph poster and inoficial trade channel alt (mainly because he's usually my richest alt). Got 2700g.

As I said I will try to keep my diferent characters separated, however, as Belsebub has no real income as Smacky does all the posting I will add their gold together. This puts them at 3350 gold.

Ferni (my brother made it because he wanted to try death knights and I decided to steal it for my professions, no comment on the name), works with gems and enchanting scrolls/mats. She's got 760g right now, something I hope to increase with all the scrolls I made to level her enchanting to 405.

That means I am now sitting at a total of 4184 gold, a lot less than yesterday. This is mainly because I bought some eternal earth and greater eternal essences for my enchanting leveling but also due to the current glyph situation. So while it may look bad I have some hope that I will be able to make a lot of gold soon™.

That's it for today, the glyphs are still low and I still haven't gotten a response from the guy I mailed so I will have to assume the price dumping is intentional. I have raised my threshold to 14g making sure I get some income from glyphs without throwing them away for 3-4g each.

Friday, 14 August 2009

The goldpile is... sinking...

Yup that's right. I am sitting at 4700g. A loss of about 1500g. You may ask yourself, what happened? Well, it's not as bad as it looks.

When I woke up this morning and logged on I picked up my expired glyphs and a few sold ones hardly worth mentioning. After doing that I didn't really feel like working on the AH today so I toke a day of to get some rest.

I decided to try out trial of the champions, the new 5-man dungeon, today and it went good. We did it on normal 2 times, both with good results even if we had to do it with only four people on the second try resulting in a wipe on the black knight. On the second attempt we got him down to the ghost form and I... died. His mark of death really hurts. I flew back and entered the instance just in time to see the the healer and the other DPS get killed before the tank killed him.

But to get on the moneymaking subject. I've written to the price dumper I talked about yesterday without an answer. However, he/they have posted more auctions so I find it likely that this is intentional and not, as I belived, a configure error in QA2.

So what will I do about this? Nothing. Nothing at all. I will just stop posting for a few days and wait them out. If I'm lucky they may even suceed in driving some competition out. The worst thing that could happen is that I am forced to contact the other big glyph posters on my server and get them to join me in a even bigger price dump.

That would be absolutly worst case scenario and I really hope I wont have to take it that far.

On my enchanting/JC alt there hasn't been a lot of stuff going on either. No posted gems today and all I've sold is a few old enchanting scrolls from leveling. The price of titanium is at about 15-20g per ore, still far too much for me to even consider buying it, but I predict a price drop during the weekend.

I guess there is just one thing left to write. How did I manage to loose 1500g over 1 day. The answer is simple, it's called Jeeves. Most of you should have heard about it but if you haven't here's a short explanation.

Jeeves is like a regular repair bot with two important diferences.
1. He is not destroyed upon use and
2. He allows me to acess my banks from anywhere in the world.

I have never bothered with the old repairbots as I do not raid but I did see the usefulness of having acess to my bank so I decided to make it.

The mats however was pretty expensive so I ended up pretty poor, especially as I didn't have any income.

Well that's it. Hopefully I'll get a better day tomorrow.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Quick Auctions 2

Update 21/8: Added a part about the summary and craft queue part of QA

Edit: The pictures were put in pretty bad, sorry for that, but just follow them in the order they appear. If you have trouble seeing what's on them just click and they will be magnified. I also decided to put a "(PICTURE)" where I am moving on to another one to make it a little easier to read.

Hi and welcome to the first part in my Addon section. Here I will discuss all the important addons that are needed to make the process of goldmaking faster and easier. Today we'll start with "Quick Auctions 2".

Basically it's an addon that posts your auctions and cancels your undercut ones, I can't describe how great it is as a scribe, but it's a little more complicated than that.

The big diference between quick auctions and quick auctions 2 is how you configure it. In the original version you configured it from the chatbox where a command like "/qa undercut 25s17c glyphs" would set the undercut amount to 25s and 17c for all glyphs. In the new version there are no premade groups (like glyphs where all glyphs are gathered) so you'll have to make them yourself, somthing I'll show you later.

First you open the configuration window by writing "/qa config" this is what you should get (PICTURE). It's not great quality (my graphic card is broken and I should get a new one in just a few days), but you should be able to recognise most of it if you use it yourself.
These are the general settings that are true for all items unless you want to override them (we'll come to that later), but the only thing you have to care for right now is the "Smart undercut" checkbox at the top. I suggest you uncheck it as if you don't it QA2 will round all your auction prices down to the nearest gold which can be pretty bad when you are selling glyphs.

On the left side there is a "item groups" button, when you click it you'll get this window (PICTURE):

Here you'll write the name of your new group (I reccomend glyphs if that's what you're going to put in it). After that you will come to this page (PICTURE)

Here you can do all group specific settings.

First you'll have Undercut. First you check the "override undercut" box, this allows you to override the general settings that you saw earlier and you'll have to do this to every setting you want to change, then you can change the undercut amount of your glyphs by enering the amount as for example 3g52s19c. Just remember to fill the gold amount as zero when you're going below 1 gold (not sure if this is necessary but I can't check it right now). Then you press okay.

You'll then have Threshold. This is the lowest price your glyphs will be sold for and they wont be put up if your competitiors are bellow this price. You fill it the same way as with undercut.

Fallback is the price your glyphs will be posted for if there's no competition. I have my fallback at 97g, some would consider it high but they sell.

Now you'll get to the Fallback After slider. This is how much the price should be above your fallback before it goes down to it. so lets say your fallback is 5 g just for this example and the slider is at 500%. If the lowest priced item is up for 23g then QA2 will undercut it by your undercut value, but if the lowest priced item would be at 27g (more than 500% of your fallback) your item will be posted at 5g.

Then comes Bid percent, this is how many percent of your buyout price your bid is supposed to be, I have mine at 100% as people almost never bid on glyphs.

Then you get the Post cap. Here you'll set how many of each glyph you want to have up at once.

After that we have the Items per Auction where you can set the stack size of the items in the group.

Finally you have the Post Time, which you can propably guess is how long you want your items to be up.

The above settings works for all items in the group so be careful not to mix lots of diferent items in the same group.

Above the settings you'll see three tabs: "General", the one you are on now, "Add items" and "Remove items". Press the Add items button and you'll get here (PICTURE):
From this page you can click on items to put them in your group or just write their name in the field at the top. To add all glyphs in your bag you'll just write "glyph of" and all glyphs will be added. Now you'll just have to go to the AH, click on the auctions tab and click post at the top of the window.

That will post all your glyphs while following the restrictions you put up on the previous page.

That's it, next to the post button there is also a cancel button which will cancel all auctions you are undercut on.
One warning though, as the group will only contain the glyphs you had in your bags when you made it you should see if you have any new glyphs to add every time you make them. I just noticed that I hadn't added any of the glyphs I made a few days ago so basically, only those I had before have been posted.

Due to a request from a reader I made a short guide on the summary and craft queue as well so here you go.

First you write /tradeskill (this is still done from the chat window as it was in the previous versions of QA), I belive it can be done on any character you got.

You then log on the character who has the tradeskill you want to be used, open it and maximise all the categories. You can then go to the AH and click summary.

Choose the category the items you can make are in and click the get data button bellow the categories. You should now see red crosses in front of all items you can't make, you can also see how many you have, how many you have on the AH, how many that are up on the AH and the lowest price right now.

To put an item in the queue double-click on it and there should appear a zero on the left of the name. Just write the number of that item you want to make and they will be added to the craft queue.

You then open your tradeskill window and open the queue list by pressing the QA button on the top right corner next to the red cross close button.

If you look at the bottom of the queue (you may have to scroll down) you will see all materials needed to make the items in the queue.
Now you'll just have to click the items in the queue to make them.

The nice thing is that you can search your queue at the same time as you search the ordinary trade window making it a lot faster to find a specific item.

Another guide (with pictures!) on the summary and craft queue features is this great post at the Just My Two Copper forums.

Price Dumpers and Whiners

Please read through the Quick Auctions 2 post before reading this.

If you are able to see my crappy image you propably notice two things.
1. My glyph sales are going pretty fine and
2. There have been a price crash on most glyphs.

Today I also got contacted by a scribe colleague who wanted me to know that the price dumping I and the other scribes on my server did was really imorallic and bad for the market. I who had no idea of what he talked about, decided to play along as I was pretty bored and started teaching him about driving competition out of the market. We kept going for a while before I decided I didn't have time for this and left. I sent some screenshots to Gevlon to see if he was interested in putting them up on his blog as he do have a lot more readers than me, if I even have any right now.

However, even if I acted unconcerned this could cause some problems. The big issue is, of course, the price drop. There are a few ways this can be countered in a few ways:
1. I'll wait it out, hoping the prices will rise.
2. I'll contact the price dumper trying to talk him out of what he's doing.
3. I'll do some really serious price dumping (paid for by my JC and enchanting) and hope the price dumper will leave.

Before deciding I wanted to see who the price dumper was, and when I did I got a nasty surprise. 3 of my main competitiors, of which two post about as many glyphs as I do and 1 a little less, had all posted their glyphs at 5g 98s. I can just hope this is because they are all used by the same player and he has gotten QA2 (See the other post today) and done some mistake in the configuration.

The worst case scenario would be if this is one player posting from multiple alts to scare others of, as that would mean I got a competitior posting 3 times as much as I that have now decided to price dump. If I am faced with 3 diferent glyph sellers however, that would make things easier as I can just wait until they'll quit. Keeping a trade agreement between 2 people is hard, if you throw in a third you got problems.

So I now have to change my options, the first and second are from the previous list:
1. I wait it out.
2. I'll price dump
but I decided that I wont be able to talk him or them out of it so:
3. I may have to contact the previous mentioned "whiner" (though I see his point now).

But I do see one light in the end of the tunnel! All glyphs are fixed at 5g 98s, no matter the normal price, supporting my theory that this is due to wrong settings in QA2. Also, the 5g 98s is a price that could be used as a threshold making my theory even more likely.

So first I'll try contact the price dumper and see if he has checked his settings, if not I'll wait for a while until finally contacting the non-price dumpers.

I am now sitting at 6400g so I've made a whole 400g since I started two weeks ago! That averages out at about 28.57g/day!! Ok, not that much... But as I have now started making money instead of losing it I'm on my way towards those big numbers.

Nothing new on the JC/inscription part. I've made a lot of rings and DCd them and leveled enchanting to 380.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Goldpile is Rising...

I spent a lot of time making glyphs today (all in all about 500 spread over about 100 diferent kinds). So you can propably guess I am extremly tired right now. Also I hit the cap where I have too many glyphs to fit in my 4 inscription bags which will most likely become a pretty big problem. So as I'm making some good money of inscription I've decided to cut down on the glyph part and start to focus on my other 2 ,well 3, but I have no idea what to do with engineering, professions. Jewelcrafting and enchanting.

As I wrote yesterday I decided to buy the design for defenders dreadstone for my 4 only tokens. A huge mistake. I started out with putting them up for 500g each but have now been forced to drive the prices down to 250, and none have sold.

Luckily, I did get some blue gems sold so I've made some money back from the leveling. There have been a slight drop in titanium prices but I expect them to go even lower during the weekend so I'll wait with buying until then.

I had also planned to level my enchanting tomorrow as it has shown some good results even with only 2 diferent wrath scrolls on the AH.

Well, we can end todays post with saying that I am now sitting at 5800g. If nothing changes I will soon get into the profit area.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Diving Into Gems

Today I leveled up the last 20 points of JC on my death knight and started prospecting titanium. Now lets do some math!

The chance to get each specific epic gem from a prospect is 4%. There are 6 diferent epic gems making the chance to get one 24% per prospect. 24 * 4 (the amount of prospects per stack of titanium) = 96% chance to get an epic gem per stack. I had about 8 stacks stocked up and later I bought 1 more to get 2 more titanium powders, this should've given me 9 gems (well, 8.64 but well round it up to 9). Instead I was lucky enough to get 13 (may have been 14, not completly sure about that). The point is, I got really lucky.

Additionally I also got 22 titanium powders. Compared to the 23.4 I would have gotten in a perfect world I made a small loss but the gems I got made up for it. And of course I also got a whole lot of green and blue gems.

I also did my second daily JC quest and handed in 20 titanium powders and bought the recipe for Defender's Dreadstone. Some people would propably have considered it to be better to buy maybe a red or blue cut but I decided that as there was a low supply of these (only two other sellers on the AH) and it sold for a lot (500g) it was my best choice.

I also got a lot of cut gems sold so I made a nice profit during night. On the other hand those last 20 skill points were expensive (25-50g per skyflare diamond hurts), but I should be able to get most back on the cuts.

I ended up with 5100g, a loss compared to yesterday but nothing too big. I also need to refill my stock of glyphs, after doing that I should get some more profit from them. That's pretty much all I have to say say today.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Patch day

Patch day, the greatest day for every moneymaker in WoW. The day where morons throw all their money away on gems, enchants, gear or just shopping for fun. Nothing beats patching day. And I missed it... As you can see in previous posts I was away for a week beliving the patch wouldn't be released. Unfortunantly I was wrong I just finished the download while writing this.

However, all is not lost of course. There are still tons of moneymaking opportunities out there waiting for me. First of all I got my titansteel investment which is now worth about 110g each, which is a nice profit as I bought them for around 80. I've also got some titanium that sell for about 14g each. Considering they sold for about 10 earlier I could sell it for profit, however, I will first check how profitable prospecting would be.

On the glyphs I made quite some money. around 400g putting me at 6200 gold. On top of that almost every glyph has skyrocketed in price to about 2-4 times the normal price. I hope to make a lot of profit of this. Later I picked up 600g from glyphs.

Two of nobles was down as well to about 400g so I bought one and I now have a complete deck to sell when the fair is back.

I have also leveled my DK to level 65 and prospected about 1700 saronite ores. I am now at about 430 JC but due to some crazy gem prices I have problems getting it higher. The days around a patch are propably not the best for leveling a profession.

All in all, a good day. I ended up with about 5700g, 100 less than I started with, but I got a lot of stuff done and I should be able to speed things up a little with JC and enchanting on my death knight.

Also, there will be no Monday posts due to real life reasons. But I should be able to post more now as I wont go anywhere and I will try to post every day.

Saturday, 1 August 2009


Not really much to say today, my glyph buisness is going good though I will need to fill up glyph stock but I will wait with doing that until the end of next week (see the other post today).

But I will give you a little more detailed look into what I've been doing

The night was good and I made about 400g. About 100 of these was due to my high fallback (107g). As I posted my glyphs today I put up 38 of 300 glyphs for that price out of which one had sold within 15 minutes. Unfortunantly many of my main competitiors logged on a few minutes later so I canceled my undercut glyphs, logged out and now I wait for them to log out before going in posting my glyphs bellow their price.

I also bought 240 lichbloom for 200g which is about 100g bellow market price. A pretty good investment in my oppinion (trade chat is really a gold mine if you know what you're doing). I noticed another thing when I posted my glyphs, it appears as that I've somehow become one of the biggest posters of glyphs on my server (though I post in stacks of four), with about 1/7 of all glyphs on the AH.

When I'm now writing this I'm sitting at 5833g over the whole server. So as I've started out with 6000g two days ago and had 5000 yesterday I've lost 200, but considering as the cheap ores I bought doing a lot better than normal so far.

Also, my death knight hit 64 today which will hopefully allow me to get her up before the patch.

This was all for today and I hope I will have an even better day tomorrow.

Out of town

This sunday I will leave town for about a week with no internet connection. During this time I will obviously not be able to post anything here. So you will now have plenty of time reading through my previous posts and try to understand what I meant ;)