Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Information page

I am, as many propably have been before me, slightly annoyed about the limited format on the About Me section so I decided to steal something Gevlon did on his blog, to put it in a post.

Time to get to the point then. First I'd like to welcome you here and hope you'll find your time here enjoyable. Here I will write about my attempts to fight my way deeper into the AH (and others, but mainly AH) buisness. Starting with a decent 10k gold (about half of it is in a nobles deck investment I expect to finish soon though) I will try diferent methods to make that money grow.

I will put my post into categories:

News are announcements that I make about stuff that happens IRL preventing me from posting or similar.

Professions, here I will gather all the posts below:

Inscription is, as the name says, posts about my glyph buisness and inscription in general.
Enchanting is, well, I assume you've already realised what these will be about by reading above.
Jewelcrafting, I hope I wont have to tell you this time.
Engineering, I wont even make a comment on this one.

Belsebub, here I will write about everything that concerns my main character Belsebub which is not related to any other topic.

Alts, no auctioneer is sucessful without a few alts to take care of his buisness. In this section I will write about my two main bank alts.

Addons, all posts where I write about what addons I'm using.

Gered is an alt I work on attempting to make money while starting with only 10 copper.

This should be everything that is needed at the moment and more will be added when I feel it's necessary.