Friday, 31 July 2009

Looking good

First a quick update on my glyph buisness. I had a pretty crappy night with about 56g gold in total. However I noticed that I had forgot to pick up a bunch of the glyphs I made yesterday from my mailbox so I had 12 diferent well selling glyphs which I hadn't put up. Now when I put them up I've made about 400g so far today not cunting the money I got yesterday with glyphs for about 60-70g pending.

Later I bought 6 books of glyph mastery for 59g each, so I am only lacking 4 now. But the greatest investment I did today was buying 800 saronite ores for 10g per stack. Yes, it's not a typo, 10g/stack. I'm aware of that it propably was a botter or chinese farmer (and bottter) but I wont say no to an offer like that, even if it is not "moralic". Of the same guy I then bought 4 stacks of titanium. I haven't been a fan of buying tons of titanium for the patch as I everyone else will do the same thing, but decided to have a small stock as my DK will propably get to 450 JC before the patch.

Before I finish I will give you a quick look at my alts and their purposes:

I have propably said I got two alts for my auctioning on top of my main. The first one, a level 7 paladin I use for glyph posting and buying those underpriced stuff you sometimes find in trade.

I also got a death knight which is currently at level 63 making her way to level 65 for getting enchanting and JC up.

All in all I'm currently sitting at 5000g with 7 nobles card stocked up. This is about 1k less than I had when I started but considering my investments in ores I feel I'm doing pretty good.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Good start

So, the time has come to make my first post on the topic we all came here for, gold.
Today I decided to start doing something about my inscription and bought a few books of glyph mastery at 70g and then checked the summarise option of quick auctions.

For you who don't know quick auctions is an addon that allows you to post both individual items and item types (glyphs, enchanting materials, ores) with a pre set undercut value. You can also choose a treshold (lowest price to post the items for) a fallback price (maximum price that will be used if no other auctions are up) and the number of this item you want to have up at any time.

The summary feature is better explained over at the just my two copper forums.

What I did was that I made between 4 and 6 of each glyph that was above 10g and posted them at the AH. If I had done this before I would be a lot richer than I am now.

Earlier I've spent a lot of time taking care of my auctions but have still only got maybe 100g/day in profit. Today when I used the summary feature I have made over 250g before going to sleep with about 30 - 45 minutes work. This is a huge step for me and hopefully it's not just temporary.

I'm posting about 200 auctions with 50 up resulting in a total of 250. Though I have set the post cap to 4 so I only have around 70-80 diferent glyphs up but I hope this number will grow as I get more recipies.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Information page

I am, as many propably have been before me, slightly annoyed about the limited format on the About Me section so I decided to steal something Gevlon did on his blog, to put it in a post.

Time to get to the point then. First I'd like to welcome you here and hope you'll find your time here enjoyable. Here I will write about my attempts to fight my way deeper into the AH (and others, but mainly AH) buisness. Starting with a decent 10k gold (about half of it is in a nobles deck investment I expect to finish soon though) I will try diferent methods to make that money grow.

I will put my post into categories:

News are announcements that I make about stuff that happens IRL preventing me from posting or similar.

Professions, here I will gather all the posts below:

Inscription is, as the name says, posts about my glyph buisness and inscription in general.
Enchanting is, well, I assume you've already realised what these will be about by reading above.
Jewelcrafting, I hope I wont have to tell you this time.
Engineering, I wont even make a comment on this one.

Belsebub, here I will write about everything that concerns my main character Belsebub which is not related to any other topic.

Alts, no auctioneer is sucessful without a few alts to take care of his buisness. In this section I will write about my two main bank alts.

Addons, all posts where I write about what addons I'm using.

Gered is an alt I work on attempting to make money while starting with only 10 copper.

This should be everything that is needed at the moment and more will be added when I feel it's necessary.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


First of all I'd like to welcome you to this blog. What you're reading is just another world of warcraft blog based around money making. So why should you read mine instead of one of the dozens other out there? Honestly, I have no idea but it wont hurt trying right? I will put my main focus on using inscription and buying/selling (thereof the name of the blog) but also try some other ways when I get the time to do it.

But you wont have any idea of what I'm talking about if you don't know anything about me so here's some basic information.

My main character is a human warlock named Belsebub with 450 engineering and around 440 inscription. I also got two alts I use a lot, one ordinary bank alt and a death knight currently leveling up to 65 for profession purposes.

I've been into the AH buisness for a few months but haven't made any real progress so far and have never been above 10 000 gold at the time. So therefor I made this blog as a mean to push myself a little harder and, of course, share my experiences with others.

Well, you can propably see I am far from a noob at the AH but I still don't consider myself an expert. Making a blog in this situation where I am making some gold but not anything like 3000 per day may be either a crappy or great idea, only you readers can decide that.

To help me make gold I will use blogs and forums such as Greedy Goblin and Just My Two Copper bu also my own common sense (which is a must have in this buisness). I will not pay for any gold guides with real money or anything similar as I consider it a waste of money.

I am quite infamous for my worthless writing skills so I can't promise that this blog will be even slightly enjoyable to read, but I'll do my best to prevent that from happening. Just remember, by reading this you agree on that I wont be held responsible for any boredom, headache or brain injury caused by reading this blog.

So I hope you liked this beginning of my blog and will continue reading it. If you have any suggestions or questions about the blog just put them in the comment box.