Friday, 11 December 2009

Patch 3.3, gold and instances

We're now a few days into patch 3.3 and I must say it has been going quite well. I've sold close to all my Heavy Borean Leather for 120-130% of the average market value and they sold incredibly fast so I think I underpriced them. Infinite Dust have been selling for quite a lot too as you can see in the image (as usual, just click it to get better quality), I've managed to sell several stacks for 5g per dust giving me 3g profit per dust sold which will result in about 7100g in sales, or 4300g profit if I sell them all at this price.

Glyphs are also selling quite well, as can be expected when a new patch comes. The same goes for gems which I've been making quite a lot from even though I got way to many autumn's glow cuts, I got about 40 scarlet rubies in my bags and not a single autumn's glow. I also think gems will stay quite strong as people will be getting new gear slowly as ICC is released over the next few months and better gear with emblems of triumph.

I'm right now sitting at about 23 gold liquid qith a sold nobles deck (and a bunch of cards which due to a lot of doubles can't be made into decks for another 1000-2000g) for a little less than 5000g coming in and maybe a thousand more in glyph sales. So I am very close hitting 30k and will most likely do it this week.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead:
In-between my crafting I have also done some of the new instances (on my main, my DK is nowhere near geared for them) and really like them. If you haven't tried them yet, it is as going from python to C, or for you non-programmers, fishing in a lake and then go walehunting. The thrash is comparable to the bosses of an ordinary heroic and the bosses are even worse. It's not too bad in the first 2 instances, Forge of Souls and Pit of Saron but once you get to the third and final one, Halls of Reflection things get nasty. There will be 10 waves of thrash consisting of 4 to 5 mobs I think (in heroic) spawning around a round room. Out of the 4 diferent adds you can get 2 are ranged, in short: A tank's nightmare.

Luckilly I'm DPS and free from the responsibility to make sure that mage is not ripping the healer apart and just have to watch my aggro, which can be quite hard in this instance. After 5 waves the first boss spawns and after 5 more the second. There's not really much to worry about except avoiding stuff on the ground and nuke.

The final boss is an escape from the Lich King where he will summon adds that you will have to kill to move on as there are huge ice walls in your way. If he catches up with you, you're dead. I've yet to sucessfully do it in heroic but managed to do it in normal today but even then it was quite close.

So in conclusion these are not your ordinary "pull and AoE" instances and even on normal they can be quite a challenge. But if you're lucky Battered Hilt will drop (only in heroic) which you can either use yourself to get an iLvL 251 weapon or sell for a nice amount of gold. I've seen people willing to pay over 8k for it on my server.

I hope you enjoy the patch and are doing well with the AH game.

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