Friday, 18 December 2009

It Can't Be Stopped!

The last few days gold has been flowing in. From 23-24 000g a week ago I am now up to, as can be seen on the picture (even though the quality is crap) just above 30 000! Normally I would be way over 30k but I've spent a lot this week and bought a whole lot of herbs. You can't refuse a 9g/stack offer for Adder's Tongue.

I still haven't got all my dust sold and sales seems to have slowed down but I can still get a few ones sold for 5g each in diferently sized stacks. I also got some Darkmoon decks I was going to turn in last sunday just to notice the fair had already left. So I'm now sitting with cards up to my neck waiting for the next one.

My next goal will be hitting 50k, something I most likely will be able to do around the release of Cataclysm but we'll see how it goes. And now to something completly diferent. The winter holiday starts tomorrow so I will stay in a mostly sleeping state until January, but I will get time to post more.

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